Girl Prepared A Surprise Party

These printable birthday cards are incredibly busy! And what a surprise birthday it is for at least one person. These free printable cards feature a surprise party background including festive items such as balloons, confetti, and party hats for all. This is the perfect start to a surprise party of your own or to invite others to one that you are planning. Send this greeting and don't forget to add your creatively written message on the inside. Print this card and send your personal and fun greetings to friends and relatives on their birthday. It's sure to give them a surprise!

Surprise Birthday Card Shh!

 It's a surprise. But, it will hard to contain the party going on with this card. Girl Prepared a Surprise Party card is one of many fun cards from these free printable birthday cards. Our party attendees are donned in funny hats of yellow, purple, and Red. Floating around them on a light blue background are balloons and confetti that make any fun party complete. There is also one comical surprise guest peeking over the table. Can you see the funny little rabbit? Choose this fun card today. Our easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the greetings with images and words of your choice.