Happy Birthday To You

These half page free printable cards with the balloons design has a happy birthday to you message that you can send to your friends. These printable birthday cards are very colorful without being too over the top; the balloons are nicely stylized and the text is very clear. This makes this card perfect for both children who will love the colors and adults who will be cheered by them. Print this card today and add a wonderful greeting inside. If this card is for a child or relative, make sure to have your children add their own designs and colors to the card to make it stand out as something very special. There is plenty of room to be wildly creative!

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Sing a Song for the Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday To You is the first line of the traditional birthday celebration song that is sung by all the guests for the honoree. It is also the name of a free printable birthday card design to cheer children or adults. Both the balloons and the lettering are alternating colors of blues, yellow, greens, pinks and more. All set up nicely on a white background. Or, use some good card stock paper in a complimentary color to change the background. That's not all you can change with these printable cards either! The easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice.

Traditional Happy Birthday Cards

Nothing is more recognized as a birthday party tradition than singing the song that begins with Happy Birthday To You. Our free printable birthday cards include one with that same line as its title. All the colors are gender-neutral so send one of these to anyone you'd like to acknowledge their birthday in a special way. Each card is eligible for added images and custom pre-printed personal greetings inside without the wait. The festive and colorful balloons and lettering will make them smile plus, it will make their day when you send them a personalized card selected just for them.