Monster Hug Birthday Card

Give a Monster Hug to your dear loved ones on their birthday with this card. These printable birthday cards are designed with an image of an attractive snake monster (otherwise known as a 'naga'; test your monster loving friend's knowledge!) giving the man a tight hug. These free printable cards may not be right for everyone: but for those who have never outgrown a love of monsters, this could be the perfect fit. Print this and wish the celebrant a roarin' good birthday. Or possibly a very sssss-linky birthday. Hey, we'll leave the message up to you; that's what all that extra space is for!

The power of Love Monster Birthday

Monster Hug Birthday Card has a female naga image giving her loved one and big enveloping hug. They were known to be of great prowess and epic strength. Wanna show your monsterous hug-able love for some one? You will be glad you picked these free printable birthday cards. You will also love our custom print feature to include those personal messages to let them know you care. All it takes are just a few simple steps. You are only a few mouse clicks away from sending a custom card out today to surprise a loved one on their honored day.

One of a Kind Monster Card

Monsters of love are serious creatures. Our female serpentine monster has caught her loved one in a wrapped-up hug. Monster Hug Birthday Card is a fun-loving free printable card that can be as personalized as you want. Our easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice. With a few clicks, custom printed text or clip art can easily be added before you print these cards at home. Wrap someone up for a monstrously fun birthday greeting. They will be surprised when you send a one-of-a-kind card selected just for them.