Mouse Blowing Birthday Candle

Grab a funny moment and make someone laugh with this purple colored birthday card that is just a good card to send to any special person in your life. These printable birthday cards feature a series of mouse candid movements, while blowing the candle on top of the birthday cake. Print this and fold the card in half. Do not forget to greet that someone a happy birthday greeting, preferably a humorous one! For that matter, you can even present this card with your own dance and a slice of cake; after all, the mouse shouldn't get all of the fun. Enjoy these free printable cards as much as your recipient will because it's the perfect one to give to the fun lovers in your life.

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 It's Your Birthday and We Baked You a Cake

Ta Da! It's your birthday and I baked you a cake. It is extra special topped with a sweet icing and a lit birthday candle. Blow out your candle but, not before you make a wish. That is exactly what this proud and happy mouse from our birthday card series seems to be saying. Mouse Blowing Out a Birthday Candle card is one of many fun cards from these free printable birthday cards. He may have baked a cake but, you will sweeten the day when you send only these free printable birthday cards to all on your birthday card list.

Make a Wish and Blow out The Candle

This cake is for you! A happy little mouse is presenting someone special a large piece of pink-iced birthday cake complete with a candle on top. Mouse Blowing Out a Birthday Candle wants all your loved one's birthday wishes come true when they blow out their birthday cake candles. Surprise someone on your birthday card list today with one of these free printable birthday cards. Our easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice. With a click or two text or clip art can easily be added before you print these cards at home.