Mouse With Happy Birthday Banner

Be sweet and send these free printable cards to your special loved one. This card features a mouse holding a happy birthday banner in a blushing peach and yellow background. These printable birthday cards are the perfect way to tell someone you care and the mouse even lets you print out a good humorous message. Doesn't it look as though it's sneaking off somewhere to plan something for a special party? Print this and include your message inside and keep an eye on that mouse... Goodness knows where he's going with that banner! Enjoy making the most of this card and give it to someone with a good sense of humor.

Just Strolling by to Wish a Happy Birthday.

This mouse is strolling by holding a banner of purple letters to wish someone a happy birthday. He is looking rather nonchalant as he crosses the bright yellow front cover. But, rest assured you are being very serious about someone's special day when you send only these free printable birthday cards to all on your birthday card list. Our one-of-a-kind top quality designed cards all offer an easy free customizing feature. It conveniently allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice. Be a winner today and send a Happy Birthday banner to someone soon.

A Sly Mouse says Happy Birthday

Want to say it in a subtle way? Have a large Mouse With a Happy Birthday Banner say it for you. The cover of yellow is bright and cheery. The hot pink happy birthday lettering stands out well against his gray fur. We have left the inside covers blank just for you because we know you will also love our custom print feature to include those personal words you so want to share to let them know you care. There is someone on your list who will appreciate this mouse's sly look on his face as he carries your greeting across the front of the card. So, surprise someone on your birthday card list today with one of these free printable birthday cards.