Scarecrow Birthday Card

Wish your loved ones a happy birthday with this scarecrow themed birthday card. These colorful free printable birthday cards feature a cheerful scarecrow and plenty of balloons and colored lettering, making these free printable cards great for children. Custom features allow you to add personal touches to the card. Print this and cut it along outside then fold it into quarters. This birthday card is best to give to someone who has an autumn birthday, but the card can be given to someone who loves a fall decor fan at any time. Don't be scared of this scarecrow; he's here only to give great wishes for your birthday!

Say Hello to Mr. Scarecrow


Mr. Scarecrow has raised his hand to say hello. But, most of all he is sending your loved ones a fall themed birthday greeting. He is dressed patchwork jeans of green. His tunic is a pumpkin orange to match the straw stack behind him. More colors abound in the large happy birthday banner in fall tree colors of reds, greens, oranges, and yellow. The Scarecrow Birthday card is a two-fold free printable card that has enough room inside for your own custom message. Our easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice.

Mr. Scarecrow is Waving his Hand for Your Birthday Cards

He may be full of straw and the like. But, he is full of the best wishes for a happy birthday you could ever send. You will make someone's honored day brighter when you send only these free printable birthday cards to all on your birthday card list. Scarecrow Birthday Card features all the lovely colors of fall. The friendly Scarecrow is dressed in deep oranges and bright and dark greens. He looks great next to that stack of golden straw.  You will also love our custom print feature to include those personal words you so want to share to let them know you care.