Yellow Arthur

If your kid loves King Arthur, or any great kings, then this birthday card will surely delight him. These printable birthday cards feature a noble king enjoying a drink on his special day and inviting your "king" to do the same. These brightly colored free printable cards are attractive to view and have plenty of space for you to add more images of your liking. Print this and cut along outside then fold into quarters. Add your message inside and wish the birthday celebrant a merry and fun celebration to come. After all, the recipient of this card is going to be king for the day, so make sure he feels that way!

King For a Day Birthday Card

"If I were king", is often wished by some. A birthday fit for a king is a grand wish for anyone on the birthday card list. The bright yellow background makes the regal king's picture stand out. He is dressed in his vibrant and colorful regalia. Royalty's privileges afforded them to have the finest of fabrics for clothes and the best of food and drink. What a wonderful wish for your birthday king for the day. The day is theirs so, they can celebrate with a card worthy of a king. Before you print the free printable Yellow Arthur card add a custom printed message inside. 

He's a Renaissance Man

Do you have a Renaissance era fan on your birthday card list? Our Arthur King free printable birthday card has wishes for them to be king for a day. The card is set on an intense yellow background. The king is dressed in clothing appropriate for the time of royalty reigns. The colorful bright green tunic is belted with a gold studded strap. All his dress is highlighted with a deep red cape. He is raising his decorative cup in a toast to the birthday king. The card rounds out with words of goodwill fit for a king. Inside boasts a similar message while leaving room for your custom printed message as well.