Blue Christmas Bookmarks

If you are a teacher or caregiver, you may want to give those under your care a small token of appreciation this holiday season. Our free printable bookmarks are a simple and wonderful way to do so. If you do not have a lot of money to spend, these are a great economical alternative to going to the store and buying a bunch of high priced bookmarks. Print these off on some heavy card stock and cover them with laminating sheets. Then simply cut them out and you have a great gift. These are perfect if you are a librarian as well. Check out all of our other printable crafts today and see what wonderful things you can find. You will be sure to find many things you did not even know you wanted to do. Check out the stencils if you have kids or if you are looking for a cheap alternative to buying posters or paper holiday decorations.

Our Free Printable Bookmarks Make Great Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking for good ideas to add to people's stockings this year, especially kids who love to read, look no further. Our free printable crafts are great for people of all ages. We have great coloring sheets for kids like our one featuring Santa Claus on the chimney. Use these at home if you have children or use them in the classroom as a fun holiday activity this season. Watch their faces light up when you hand out these awesome bookmarks or when they find them in their stockings. They are also great because they encourage reading. Have fun looking at all of the great ideas we have for the holidays on our website. You are sure to find lots of wonderful printable bookmarks for all year round as well.

Make The Holidays Fun With Our Free Printable Crafts

If you like to make things for people during the holidays our website is the perfect place for you. We have wonderful ideas like these free printable bookmarks that you can simply print out, add a tassel to and have a great small gift for friends and loved ones. If you are a librarian you can print off a bunch on heavy card stock and hand them out to patrons. It is a great way to make sure they do not dog ear the pages. Children and adults will love the snow and snowmen on these bookmarks as will adults. If you need cards for the holiday season, try our printable Christmas cards. Enjoy all of the fun printable crafts you find here.