Blue Season's Greetings

What a beautiful blue color these printable Christmas cards have! Spread the holiday joy of the season by sending these Christmas free printable cards around to everyone you care for most. It's the perfect way to send your best wishes and give something that is truly beautiful to those you love most. Print as many of these cards as you think you'll need and feel free to customize it further with additional clip-arts from our collection, or simply leave the card as is and add your own decorations, whatever you feel would work best. Either way, this vibrant and beautiful card is just right for an elegant holiday season. Enjoy!

Secular Blue Season's Greetings Cards

Not every one of your friends celebrates Christmas or has Santa Claus (what a shame, it's a great holiday, even for non-Christians).  Perhaps you yourself don't celebrate, but would like to reach out to others. In this case you would prefer a more inclusive "Season's Greetings" holiday card. The free, printable, blue Season's Greetings card is just the ticket. It has no religious symbols or references to Santa or reindeer. One stylized large snow flake on an artistic background in shades of blue, and a sprinkling of smaller flakes make a beautiful card for any winter holiday, or can be used as just a general well wishing to others.

Free Printable Blue Season's Greetings Card

These free printable cards are blue in color, but not blue in sentiment. No, far from it! No one who receives one of these blue Season's Greetings Cards will have a "Blue Christmas" or need to play Elvis songs and cry into their eggnog. Indeed, this printable holiday card is very cheerful, with snow and starlight. You will be spreading Christmas (or any winter holiday) cheer all around. But if you would like to change the color of this card, you can "save to disk" and use your own printer software to change the color to red or green. Other customizations are available right here on the site. Click the image.