Christmas Panda

These are some pretty adorable printable Christmas cards! Capering on the front are cute pandas just waiting for the Christmas season (much like the kids who receive this card probably are!). The background is also very well done, accented with a variety of snowflakes on the front and back, though you still have plenty of the room on the inside to send those messages of goodwill which people will surely appreciate. Print out this card -- or maybe several of them -- and send Christmas wishes to all of the people you love most in the world. The pandas will certainly appreciate the gesture and so will everyone who gets these free printable cards for their own homes.

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Dancing Bears

Happy Happy Christmas! Our eager and excited little Pandas are dancing, frolicking, and gamboling all over this great little free printable Christmas card. Up and down and all around, dancing bears make everyone smile. Look at those adorable and endearing little guys in their precious little red floppy Christmas hats. Not one person that receives this card will be able to resist their happy message. Who would you like to make smile this season? Print out as many copies as you would like, these cards are absolutely free. Send them out to all your friends, family, and neighbors. Make everyone happy!

Pandas for Christmas

This free printable card with its dancing little bears is a fantastic way to send your Christmas greetings. You can print it out, as many copies as you'd like, and write your Christmas message on the inside and send it on its merry way to brighten the day for whoever is on the receiving end. 
Another great use for this particular card, if printed on flexible paper, is for wrapping small gifts. Since the snowflake pattern repeats over the whole card, you can use this printable as a unique way to wrap a Christmas gift. 
Either way, enjoy the dancing bears!