Gifts Money Card

Avoid the hassles of holiday shopping by giving cash or gift cards as gifts. These printable Christmas cards also function very well as money cards. The tri-fold design, with a little bit of cutting, forms a inside slip which protects the money from going missing while the image on the front and on the protective slip, of the realistic presents, makes for some great Christmas imagery. With the right paper, you'll almost be able to feel the presents under your fingertips! You can also add a personal message inside to go with the money. Make the holiday crunch a little easier going with these free printable cards.

Gifts Money Card Printable for any Holiday

This fancy gifts money card is only one of a rich, varied series of money cards that we offer here in our free printable Christmas cards section. This particular printable card is a photographic, realistic, gift themed secular card, suitable for anyone. In fact the gifts pictured on this card could be appropriately wrapped for any holiday, bar mitzvah or birthday celebration, and not just used for a Christmas gift. Please browse through our other printable money holder cards to choose the most appropriate (religious or secular, holiday or other, serious or funny) themed, money holder card for you and your recipient.

Printable Gifts Money Card

Money is always a welcome gift. But sometimes receiving money feels a little plain. There is no bow, no glossy, fun wrapping paper to admire and then tear into. This printable, gifts themed money holding card is a nice compromise. You get the luxurious look of fancy, wrapped up presents with bows and glitter, without all the trouble. The trifolded printable, with just a touch of glue along the inside bottom edge of the "slip" side, forms a wonderful, secure "package" for your monetary gift. Your recipient can even "rip" it open if he or she likes some unwrapping "action."