Granny's Cookies

Having your grandmother's home baked cookies for Christmas is really the most comforting gift of the season. Whether those cookies are gingersnaps, sugar cookies or something else altogether, this card brings back the memories of warm kitchens and good smelling food, plus of course the love of granny! Send these printable Christmas cards to your grandmother and remind her of your wish to have those cookies again, not to mention your own well wishes! This card has plenty of space not only for this friendly image, but also for you to add your own words and designs. Print this card now and do not forget to send some heart warming Christmas greetings to the woman who fed you all of the good stuff at holiday time.

Remember Granny's Cookies?

Warm and wonderful, chewy or crunchy, but always sweet. Maybe a little cinnamon or molasses. What were your favorite cookies? We all have one of those wonderful memories of our grandmother that we hold dear. Many of them involve some sort of food, with cookies being the number one most common. Grannies don't make you eat your Brussels sprouts. Grannies are all about the fun, and about spoiling the grand kids. And Granny's cookies are one of the best ways that she spoiled us. Also, since Grannies usually have more time than parents, Granny can be patient enough to let us help with the cooking.

Relive your past and spread the joy.

This card, Granny's cookies, is both traditional and contemporary. The center drawing has a much more modern ambiance. With its easy, fluid lines and impressionistic sense, it has a more up to date feel. That is tempered a bit by the traditional poinsettias and leaves in the corners. The flowers also are printed in a more exact, more formal style than the center drawing. This brings to mind the formal traditions of old. The visuals of the card are a wonderful blend of old and new. Just as the theme brings the older generation together with the younger family members over sweets.