Grrreat Christmas And Purrr-fect New Year

Well, these pets don't look as though they're in the holiday mood just yet, but maybe they're just waiting for dinner! Pet lovers will surely love to receive these cute printable Christmas cards featuring both a handsome puppy and an adorable kitten dressed up for the season, with hats and holly. They aren't snuggling together just yet, but maybe that mistletoe will help to move things along! Print these free printable cards out and send loving greetings to all of your friends and family... and their pets! And don't forget the Christmas feast; these two cuddly friends certainly won't. Merry Christmas!

Have a Grrreat Christmas and Purrr-fect New Year

Who hasn't dressed up their pets at least once? Most pets are not crazy about the whole thing, but they put up with it for the ones they love – their humans. It may not have been their first choice, but they are happy to humor us. But they may not be able to pretend they really love it!  Here we have a kitty and a puppy wishing us a Grrreat Christmas, and a Purr-fect New Year in just the manner that a real life pair of a dog and cat might wish it to us. The good intentions are there, just underneath.

The Purr-fect card for Pet Lovers

Dog and cat lovers are a special kind. Pet owners live with, take care of, love, and make fun of their animals. They appreciate a good laugh, and they are privy to the moods and whims of little furry people. They know that even though those furry little people will do almost anything for those big goofy humans, we can't make them love it! You can put a holly collar on a cat, but you can't make him smile! Your dog and cat loving friends will appreciate the slight sarcasm in the faces of these two fur people. And also know that the sentiment is still one of love.