Happy Holidays Santa Coloring Card

Need a Christmas themed project for the kids? Then print these free printable cards now and ask them to add colors and design to it. They can use colors, glitters, stickers and more. Plus don't forget to ask them to add a special message for the love one that they want to send this card to. These printable Christmas cards will surely bring out the inner holiday artist in all children and maybe in a few parents as well! Perfect for schools, at home, daycare, babysitting or just at the relatives' homes over the holidays, these cards will provide both a great distraction and a great gift for those your children love most. Spend some time together over the holidays and make something truly special.

Happy Holidays Santa Coloring Card is a Free Printable

Kids love to color. The holidays are hectic and they get restless. So, use our Happy Holidays Santa Coloring Card as an activity to keep them busy and creative. The free printable card boasts a picture of Santa looking all jolly along with his toy bag stuffed to the brim. The billowy lettering allows kids to fill in each letter with the colors of their choice. You can use them as gift tags, place settings, or that special card sent to a loved one on your Christmas card list. Our printable Christmas cards are so easy to use. Try out some today!

Happy Holidays Santa Coloring Card: A Free Printable Activity

Kids have to endure a long time before the big day arrives. Time seems to drag on forever. Our printable Christmas card, Happy Holidays Santa Coloring Card, is ready for you to print and let them color it as they wish. The card has lettering to fill in with the season's favorite colors. Santa is holding a wrapped package that needs some festive attention with markers or glitter. Grandparents especially love to ooh and ah over handmade creations from their grandchildren. Maybe you know someone that cannot get out and enjoy the season that needs a smile. Your kids can use thus free printable card to learn to do kind deed for others.