Kids Christmas

Give the kids (both young and old) a fun project this holiday season. These  printable Christmas cards have all kinds of possibilities for creativity and imagination. Print these black and white free printable cards and ask your children to add colors and a design of their very own. A unique, personalized card is a great gift that they can give to their grandparents, teachers or even friends. The card itself is also just a fun reminder of all the great times which children have over the holiday season and may bring back a few memories for new few adults as well!

Kids Christmas Card Art Project!

Are your kids having trouble waiting for Christmas Day? How about a day spent coloring these Kids Christmas Card free printables? It's a great activity to make the time pass more quickly. And since the cards can be printed for free, it's inexpensive, too. Most children have a hard time waiting for anything, but the Christmas season seems to be the most difficult time for them. Not only are they anxiously awaiting whatever gift that the jolly old elf might bring them, but they are trying their best to be good, so that they can stay on the "nice" side of Santa's list, and deserve that long wished for gift! 

Free Printable Kids Christmas Cards

The open lettered words, "Merry Christmas" and a bunch of kids doing fun Christmas time activities printed in black and white form the basis for both a Christmas Activity and a free Christmas card. These printable Kids Christmas cards easy lend themselves to customization by children or adults. Use your markers or crayons (watercolors for the true artists!) and create not just beautiful cards, but lasting Christmas season memories as well. Children who are allowed to help in the grownup activity of sending out Christmas cards will grow up to be adults who look forward to sending out unique seasonal greetings.