Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Sometimes the best gifts in life are not the material objects, but the moments we share. Such is the case with these printable Christmas cards which have immortalized that moment for you to share with your loved ones. Featuring the well known kiss under the mistletoe, this sweet card is perfect to give to your friends and family as a reminder that not all presents come wrapped or bagged, but instead come in those special moments. Send along your well wishes for a Merry Christmas and happiness for the new and have a happy holiday with these free printable cards!

The Kiss Under the Mistletoe Christmas Card

Hanging mistletoe is one of the Christmas season's most fun traditions. Mistletoe grows high up in trees and is hard to gather, so just a little sprig of it is a precious thing. Carefully decide where to hang it. If you catch someone standing under this little dark green sprig with white berries, you get to give them a kiss. Many people hang a little bit right in their doorway, as a reminder to greet each guest with the warmth and love of a kiss. Our free printable Christmas card with a cute couple sharing a chaste kiss is a way to send those warm wishes to those scattered away from home.

Color this couple having a  Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Here we have one of our series of black and white free printables, that are great for coloring yourself. Look for others if you enjoy customizing your own cards. You or your children can get out those crayons, markers, or watercolors and have fun making each card just a little different. Decorating them as a family would be the most fun. Inside the card reads, "Wishing you a merry and wonderful Christmas." There is also room for a personal message. Since this is a double fold card, you could even unfold the card and write or print a whole Christmas letter on the inside as a special treat for the recipients.