Merry Christmas Message

Make this Christmas season a fun and happy one for everyone using these free printable cards. The snowy lavender background adds a soft touch of glamour and wonder to the card while the front is decked with the traditional pine boughs, bells and ribbons. You have even sent your greeting by scroll (so to speak) and the crystal snowflakes it top perfectly. These printable Christmas cards are suitable for everyone who prefers Christmas with a softer touch. Print it out on good paper to get the most impact and see how hard it is for friends and relatives to take it down after the season ends!

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Print Your Free Merry Christmas Message Now

The front of this extraordinary, beautiful, free, printable Christmas card proudly proclaims "Merry Christmas" on an old fashioned, ribbon and greenery bedecked, scroll. The back matches the front with gentle falling snow on the same lavender colored background. The inside of this card is open for you to personalize. Send your wishes and greetings on the inside; there is plenty of space for it! You could even put a full color photo of your family if you like. Just go to our customization page by clicking the customize button below the card image. Then add your own image, or a poem or other greeting.

Send a Unique Merry Christmas Message with This Card

This is one of the many unique and distinctive free Christmas printables available here on our site. We have Santa Claus, Reindeer, Christmas Trees, and all the other fun secular images of Christmas, including, of course, this Scroll with a Merry Christmas Message. Along with the more playful images, like the Santa Claus and snowmen cards, we also have a full array of more serious, beautiful and serene religious themed cards. Browse the collection for just the perfect ones for you. We also have options for all the other winter holidays. Choose your favorite, customize, print it out, fold, and send.