Santa and Rudolph in a Car

The sleigh must be in the shop, but fortunately Santa and his favorite reindeer seem to have found an alternative! As you can see, they are in a rush and they've clearly taken a ride in a cool car. It works well for them, but you should always remember to take some time out for yourself and your family. In spite of the Christmas rush, don't forget to greet your loved ones using free printable cards with your personally written message. These printable Christmas cards are a quick way to send your greetings while still giving people a smile and a good idea of how you feel about them. Have fun with this card and don't let Santa zoom you away!

Funny Printable Card Santa and Rudolph in a Car

Santa and Rudolph have stolen a few moments in the pre-Christmas season rush to take a cruise in his hot sports car. The funny details of this card are subtle and cute. Note the vanity plate on the front says Nick 1. Rudolph is perched just right to be his backseat driver instead of the lead reindeer pulling a sleigh. They are both enjoying their moment of fun. You can have more time for fun with your family when you use our quick and easy to print free printable Christmas cards. Santa and Rudolph in a Car is an excellent example of the variety of cards offered. Inside is a greeting to have a fun Christmas. Add your own complimentary message and you are set to send out cards today.

Printable Card Santa and Rudolph in a Car

Do ever want to just run away from the stress of getting everything done for the holidays? Here is Santa and Rudolph in a Car to bring a smile to your face. You will realize that these free printable cards are the smart choice for making your Christmas Card list a breeze this year. Santa and Rudolph have the breeze in their hair as they get down the road in the Nick 1 sports car. Rudolph seems to be enjoying being the backseat for a change. We know you have someone who will appreciate a good humored card this season.  Pick this one and include an extra special custom message inside and sent it on today.