Santa at the North Pole Money Card

If you're planning on giving some cash or gift certificates as gifts this holiday season, then make sure to use these fun and cute Santa themed money-holders available as free printable cards. It has a brightly colored front picture of Santa leaning on his North Pole, with a blue background. Each section of the card and the the slip for the money are outlined in the same clear sky blue that backs Santa, as he leans casually against the North Pole. The inside features a snowman waiting for his gifts in a much more child-like, but even more endearing work of art.

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The Santa at the North Pole Money Card for Gift Giving

These free, printable Christmas cards are the perfect thing to hold cash for those finicky people who don't like to be surprised and prefer the one size fits all approach of good old spendable cash! With Santa at the North Pole on the outside and a snowman on the inside, these free Christmas printables create a great form of "gift wrap" for that hoped for check, cash, or gift card. You can add your own customization to the card, perhaps the name of the recipient, and of course a greeting. Print it out today and cut down on your gift buying time.

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This Santa at the North Pole Money card is only one of a rich, varied series of money cards that we offer here in our free printable Christmas cards section. This particular printable card is a lighthearted, casually themed secular card, suitable for anyone, whether or not you still believe in Santa Claus, but is particularly designed with younger children (who most enjoy the magic and fun of the Santa Claus story,) in mind. Please browse through our other printable money holder cards to choose the most appropriate (religious or secular, serious or funny) themed card holder for you and your recipient.