Santa Reading His List Card

This Christmas, let the kids send their wish list to Santa Claus using these customizable Christmas free printable cards. Adults on the other hand may well sympathize with these printable Christmas cards and Santa's rather long list of people to deliver gifts to! Either way, this fun card is a great way for kids and parents to send their best holiday wishes to the ones they care for the most. Print this card and ask children to add their Christmas wishes and message inside. Send your wishes too, particularly to those with Santa Claus-like long lists to deal with this holiday season!

Free Christmas Card with Santa Reading His List

He's making a list, and checking it twice. And this free printable Christmas card shows the jolly old elf doing just that very thing. Look at that long list! Is your name on the list? Will it say naughty or nice beside your name? Your gift depends on this! He's got his spectacles on and he's looking closely. You can't fool Santa! This iconic image is yours to print for free, as many times as you like. You could use it to send your own list of hints to others, or you could just use it to remind them that Santa is watching!

Print Out the Santa Reading His List Card

Don't Panic! Thinking of your long list of people to send cards to? Dreading going to the crowded stores? You can start your Christmas cards right there at home without having to rush out into all the rest of the frantic shoppers to by those stale old boxed cards. We have over a hundred and fifty free printable cards right here. Chose the Christmas card that suits you best. (This Santa Reading His List printable sure is spiffy.) Or chose several of the free printables, and send different cards to different members of your family or to your various friends.