Santa Walking in the Snow Postcards

Send some Christmas greetings using these printable Christmas postcards. Featuring a simple and yet elegant Christmas tree image in blue and green, these free printable cards are ideal for both children and adults. And if you look closely, you might see a certain someone heading of into the woods after creating his own holiday message! Use these as a way to send your best wishes to friends or family or you can also use these as photo background for your scrapbooks. Whatever reason you have, these postcards are sure to fit your needs and really bring out the holiday spirit in all those see them. Print these out today and enjoy!

Santa Walking in Snow Printable Post Cards

Look who is sneaking away just as he has completed leaving a traditional greeting in the snow with his footprints. Santa is trekking on his way over the hill. Note, he is disappearing into a beautiful forest of evergreen trees. The blue shadows give a hint of the snow's crystal reflection in the moonlight. Santa Walking in Snow is a free printable card commonly used as a postcard. The offset design allows for plenty of room for an address and more room for your customized sentiments printed on the reverse. Don't need a postcard? No problem it will double has a photo background in a frame or scrapbook.

Free Printable Santa Walking in Snow

The fresh deep snow was just too tempting for Santa. He had to leave his footprints in a special way. He has spelled out Merry Christmas before leaving the scene into the deep evergreens. The snow is reflected in a light blue color. Santa Walking in Snow free printable Christmas card has various uses. Need a postcard to jot a short season's greetings? You got it. Need extra gift tags? That's right you got it right here. Many more free printable cards are available and easy to print. Check out our large collection of cards for your personalized message today.