Santa's Christmas Train

Well, sometimes Santa's sleigh just won't fit the bill. Maybe the reindeer are on a break or maybe he just felt like taking a ride. But here he is nonetheless, in printable Christmas cards that kids will surely love. Featuring Santa's Christmas train, headed out to all of the children of the world, this image is simply a fun one for the young and young at heart. Print these free printable cards out for your children to decorate and then send them out to everyone you know. Don't forget to have kids greet their friends with personal greetings and even the little children will love this card. Enjoy!

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Get Aboard Santa's Christmas Train with this Free Printable

Once upon a time, in a story book, there was the little engine that could, bringing gifts and toys and candy and surprises to for all the little children. Here on the front of this wonderful printable Christmas card there's another train full of toys, this time it's a special Christmas train with Santa Claus at the helm, headed to bring joy and pleasure to all the good little good boys and girls around the world. This is the Christmas Express, done all in red and green, with a wreath on front, and cars loaded full of presents. Just like the train, the free printable card brings good things.

Santa's Christmas Train  Christmas Card

Get ready for the Santa Claus Express! All Aboard Santa's Christmas Train, bound for all places full of Christmas joy and celebration! This free printable Christmas card will bring joy to the heart of any and all of those who receive it. Nothing says, "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!" quite like a picture of Santa Claus driving a train full of delightfully, colorfully wrapped holiday presents. Get in the jolly Santa Claus spirit. Print out this happy Santa Train card and add your own uplifting Christmas message! Send them off with a loud "choo, choo!" and a big "Merry Christmas to all!"