Santa's House

Kids, send your Christmas letters to Santa Claus, using these free printable cards featuring Santa's House at the North Pole. Tell him how good you've been this year and ask him for a great gift this Christmas! These dual image printable Christmas cards feature both Santa's house and of course the big guy himself. Feel free to use either image as your front and inside image. This card also has room for you to add your own decorations and of course a personal message to your friends and family. Plus that message to Santa! Even the big guy likes Christmas cards too.

Send a Note to Santa's House

A cheerful and colorful free printable like this is bound to make you smile when you print it out. Add a happy holiday message either after you print this free Christmas card, or use our customization page and add it before you print it and you will find yourself smiling even bigger. Then use just the one, for Santa, or print out a 100 copies of it for your friends. Sending your list (we're all children at heart, and would like Santa to remember us) to Santa is one great way to use this printable Christmas card. For Friends is another.

Santa's House Free Printable

"Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas!" says Santa Claus. Everyone loves the jolly old elf. He just spreads happiness, merriment, and good humor where ever he goes. Wouldn't we all love to just dash up to the North Pole for a little visit with him and Mrs. Claus? Since you can only get there using flying reindeer, and since there just aren't many of those in the world, we'll probably just have to content ourselves with sending this printable Christmas card with Santa's House on the front of it out our friends and family. And since it's free, we can even print one to keep for ourselves.