Snowmen Clothes Line Christmas Card

Sometimes you just have to take off the winter clothes and say a quick hello to everyone you know! These printable Christmas cards feature a pair of snowmen doing just that and as you can see, they were wearing quite a bit! Complete with cute clothes hanging in the background, party hats on heads and of course waving a greeting, these cute free printable cards are ideal for both kids and adults alike. Because we all need a reminder that underneath the socks, mittens and other winter clothing, there are warm greetings ready to come out. This card also gives you space for your own personal message; anything from happy holidays to a message to remind the kids to hang their own stockings up on Christmas eve in preparation for them to be filled by morning. Send along something slightly different in your Christmas cards this year when you print out this card and pass it around. Enjoy!

Printable Hang Around with the Snowmen Christmas Card

We continue to be busier every year. So we get shuffled around and sometimes we miss a gathering here or there. Using our free cards that are printable multiple times, such as the visiting Snowmen card is a great way to warm up the holiday season. Whether you decide to send one card or a hundred, you can choose from our fantastic line of cards with Santa Claus, snowmen, ribbons, trees, ornaments, traditional holiday icons and other festive eye catchers. Try our printable cards today, and you will still have money in the budget when it comes time to celebrate.

Free Printable Welcome to Our Home Cards

Using our visiting snowmen this type of card is a great place to start. These cards are fantastic projects for your kids. Make it an after dinner project to complete a few each night.

Add our site to your planning for the holidays, you start planning ahead for the kinds of greetings that you want your family to send. This year consider using the printable cards from our site.

Search and print the perfect card, customize and add your favorite special greeting. Don't just use standard cards that are all the same, you can search our collection and find just the right card for each person on your list. You can print them multiple times without breaking the budget. Use our cards to make your custom holiday invitation today!