A Lesson in Following Directions

Test your students how accurately they can follow directions. In this printable worksheet, they will need to color the object according to personal preferences listed on the set of instructions. This sheet has large balloons at the top. At the bottom is a list of step by step instructions that requires the child to read each direction carefully and do the requirement correctly. These free printable worksheets can be customized to include the teacher’s name, the class name and course number with the easy to use personalization options. Enlarge or minimize, change colors or fonts your choices. Keep some handy.

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Follow Directions Correctly Coloring Sheet

Part of the grade school age child’s learning process is to teach them how to follow directions. The free printable worksheet A Lesson in Following Directions is an excellent lesson. It provides the student a list of items that requires a specific action. The instructions are clearly stated yet, the child has to carefully read the instruction all the way through to avoid answering on impulse. Younger students that can read well will enjoy the coloring activity involved with completing the lesson’s tasks. Let them exchange sheets after completed to score each others papers to reinforce what was learned and practiced. 

Color the Balloons Instructions Lesson

Children will read an instruction sometimes and automatically assume the answer or action to be one way when in fact it is another way. They have to learn how to read all the way to the end of the instruction, and then process it, and then act accordingly. A Lesson in Following Directions is a free printable classroom lesson that is already set up with a clear and concise list of specific sentences that require a correct action. In this case the student is asked to color the balloons that are numbered as required by each sentence. Teachers love our free printable classroom lessons for quality and ease of use.