Integer Subtraction Worksheet

Attention teachers. Do you need ways to complete your classroom learning units with worksheets for math? Several of these free printable lessons are available for easy downloading and printing. Our printable classroom lessons include a set of sheets for integers. This integer subtraction worksheet features 54 subtraction problems for integers -9 up to +9. Make your workdays go smoother when you have plenty of these on hand.

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Integers Made Easy Worksheet

Free printable classroom lessons make it easy for teachers to enhance their classroom time without having to struggle to make-up their own worksheets or tests. As students learn where integers are on a number line, they will soon learn how to use them in operations such as addition and subtraction. We have other integer lessons that separate them into different units. This integer subtraction worksheet lesson includes only the subtraction operation. Solve 54 integer subtraction problems ranging from -9 to +9. This printable worksheet should help you evaluate how well your students have learned from their integer lesson. Free printable lessons are available ranging in all age groups for a variety of subjects.

Practice Lessons for Integers

Students love to succeed in school. Teachers know that success in math depends on practice, practice, and more practice. Our free printable lessons provide worksheets to download and print easily when needed, like this integer subtraction worksheet. Plus, parents like to work with their children at home too and our lessons are available for all ages and lots of subjects. Integers are first learned by where they are on a number line. Yes, we have printable classroom lessons for number line practice too. After mastering the number line exercises, it is time to learn the operations of addition and subtraction. Here are 54 subtraction problems already laid out for a homework sheet, study guide, or a unit test. Printable worksheets are designed to provide more opportunities than a textbook has for more ways to master and hone their skills.