Quilted Pumpkin Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Finding just the right card for a friend or loved one can sometimes be a difficult task. With these printable greeting cards you will be sure to find something for every person on your list. This sweet card features a quilted design of a pumpkin and the words happy thanksgiving. It has a very country feel to it and is perfect for anyone on your list. It also has the amazing colors of the season. Print out a bunch to give to everyone on your list, or you can pick different ones for each person. You can customize them on our website, changing colors and adding pictures to them, or you can print them as is. Write a personal message and give them in person or send them in the mail. Whichever you chose, your friends and family will definitely love these free printable cards.

Printable Greeting Cards From You Will Make Them Smile

If you have a friend or loved one who is into crafting, especially quilting or embroidery, they will be sure to love these great printable cards. No matter who you send these wonderful cards to, the recipient will be sure to appreciate them. Send them in the mail or hand them out in person. You can customize them on our website, or feel free to print them as they are. If you are having a family gathering this Thanksgiving, these free printable greeting cards are really perfect. Print as many or as few as you need and you will be all set. We have Thanksgiving Recipe Cards you can use for free as well, in case someone asks you for a beloved recipe. We have all sorts of wonderful items on our website, so make sure you browse around and see what fun things you can find.

Send Loved Ones These Free Printable Cards Today

You can get your greetings easily and affordably on our website. We have lots of wonderful free printable greeting cards for you to chose from this holiday season. This one is a great Thanksgiving card, but we also have great Christmas and Hanukkah cards to pick from as well. If you need a great holiday card for children, look no further than Santa's Kids. We have great printable cards for adults as well. Look around and see what you can find today. You can print these cards as they are and embellish them by hand. Have fun and get creative this holiday season. Come back often to see what is new.