Grade 1 Math- Color the Flower Odd and Even

First graders are eager to learn anything new. Numbers are a new curiosity for them. How numbers work and what they mean is an ongoing process throughout school. Early learning of math skills is made easier with simple and easy to read worksheets. Abstract concepts become concrete with a worksheet. Furthermore, you can take your teaching outdoors. Ask first graders to pick a flower, count the petals and tell if the number is odd or even. Use this fun and easy worksheet to complement your odd and even activity. Keep things simple and colorful! Teachers love our free printable worksheets.

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Which ones are Odd?

First grade math students begin learning to identify relationships between numbers. One common way is to classify them by definition such as even or odd. This Grade 1 Math- Color the Flower Odd or Even is one worksheet from these free printables. First graders can relate to the petals on a flower. They understand how to color and write simple words and numbers therefore, they will be able to follow the instructions to learn about even and odd numbers. You can download and customize the worksheets as needed such as preprint each with the class number or teacher. Teachers love our site.

Is it Odd or Even?

Simple math facts and concepts are introduced to first graders to build on learned items from kindergarten. Understanding single digit numbers 1-9 and classifying them is a routine lesson taught. Odd and even numbers are best learned when a simple worksheet with clear instructions provide a way for the student to count and label the numbers on an object that is familiar. Grade 1 Math- Color the Flower Odd or Even is an excellent example of why teachers love these free printable worksheets. Try some and you will be amazed how easy they are to set-up, to customize as needed, and to print.