Christmas Word Search

The Christmas season is a singular time each winter where families gather together and celebrate the special nature of this time of the year. Make sure your Christmas days will be filled with fun by using our free printable activity sheets with Christmas themes. This Christmas themed word search is a perfect example. Print out this colorful and fun game and look for the hidden Christmas related words in the grid. They could be hidden going forwards, backwards, up or down! Look carefully! Word searches are a fun way for any age to pass a little time. And great to do in a group!

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Fun for All Ages

Word searches are very enjoyable for a wide range of ages. Even the little ones who can't spell all the Christmas words can use the list to find matching words, letter by letter. The older, more savvy word searchers can cover the list of words at the bottom and see how many they can find without looking. Evenly matched competitors can race to see who can get all of the words first, or who can get the highest number words in an agreed upon time limit. Print out as many copies of these free activity sheets as you would like, sharpen those pencils, and get to circling words and having fun!

Simple Fun is the Best Fun

Are you tired of having to assemble complicated toys that break the first day? How much do you hate searching for all those different sizes of batteries on Christmas Eve? Do you find yourself tangled in cords and connectors and adaptors on Christmas morning, and thinking, "There has to be a better way to have fun"? Well, here is one way to stop all that electronic madness for a little while. Using our free printable activity and game sheets, let your kids enjoy some quite, brain-boosting play. Use this word search, and browse through the thousands of other games and activities available for free. No batteries needed!