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Hello Kitty and Friends Word Search

This sensational word search puzzle contains Hello Kitty's name, and a list of the names of 14 of Hello Kitty's special friends. With Hello Kitty's signature pink as a frame, and with her precious likeness as well as images of several of her closest little friends, this 20 by 20 letter word search will be greatly sought after by all of her millions of fans. Word searches are a popular pastime, and can be great brain teasers. And this one's not easy, either. That's a big grid to look for those names in! So print it out, and grab a pencil!

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Hello Kitty is the Best!

Hello Kitty is a world wide phenomenon. She is famous and loved every place you can think of. Little girls, big girls, and not a few guys follow her TV shows and movie specials. They talk and write about her adventures, and buy items with her likeness on them. She can be found smiling from T-shirts, iPod headphones, hats, shoes, and now, word searches! It's a free printable, so make your Hello Kitty fan happy and print out this precious pink puzzle. Look for other Hello Kitty printables too; we have her picture on several different items on our site!

Every Moment is Important

You may wonder how a Hello Kitty word search printable, no matter how fun and pretty, could be the least bit educational. But it is! All word searches help train the eye to watch for detail. They help strengthen those "brain muscles" to solve problems. Even the simple act of circling the words once they are found helps to increase fine motor control, and enhance hand to eye coordination. And let's be honest, any time we can remove that remote control or video  game from a child's hand and put a pencil and piece of paper in it, is a victory for learning.