Vegetables Word Search

Looking for a nice, medium challenging word search? Here is a vegetable themed word search that will make you hungry. Print out this free word search activity sheet and circle each word that you find until you find all of the vegetable related words in the list. By the time you search for and find all of the yummy food words shown in the word list, we guarantee you will be up and looking for a healthy snack. This is an excellent choice to pair with the Healthy Foods word search, also available here in this section of the FreePrintables site.

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Vegetable Nutrition 

Are you a teacher or a homeschool parent looking for educational activities to supplement your lessons on health and nutrition? Free printable word searches are an excellent extra tool to use to reinforce the things you are teaching. They are just a little different from the everyday work sheets. They offer special challenges. And most importantly to the students, they look a lot more like fun and games than work! The most stubborn and resistant of learners will brighten up at the mention of a game. Hand out these free printables and have students race to finish either against one another or to beat a timer.

Fun for All Ages

The size of this word search grid (15 letters by 12 letters) and the number of words and the vocabulary level of the words place this free printable activity sheet squarely in the moderately difficult category. While it may be too difficult for the very youngest, it will be suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities, all the way up to adults. And don't underestimate those young ones. They can find the words by "matching" the letters of the words in the list to sequences of letters that they spot in the grid. It is an excellent opportunity for them to stretch their vocabulary and spelling.