Free Printable Games for Family Fun

Have a Free Family Fun Night with Our Printable Games

Hey, parents, are you looking for some fun activities that you can complete with the kids on family fun night? We have just what you're looking for! Our free printable games section is loaded with crosswords, word search puzzles, brainteasers, mazes, Sudoku and more! The level of difficulty for each puzzle or game varies, so there's something here for your little ones and some puzzles that will challenge the parents, too. At, we value family, which is why we put together many of these resources. We believe that fun and education are not mutually exclusive, that those two concepts can work together to bring students and families together in an engaging way.

Laugh and Play Together with Free Printable Games

What's your type of fun? Do you enjoy finding words, sprucing up your vocabulary or working on a good brainteaser? How about the kids – do they enjoy a fun game of BINGO where they can win small prizes? There are so many different games that you can enjoy together as a family, and we're adding more every day. Both children and adults alike love games, so it's a much better way to spend time together than sitting in front of the television watching a mindless TV show or movie. They're also great activities to keep the boredom at bay when the weather is bad. Your kids can no longer say the dreaded phrase, "I'm bored" when there are dozens of free printable brainteasers and games right at their fingertips! We have a kid-friendly website, so you can allow your child to browse freely for the activities that he or she likes. The print and customization tools are easy to use, too. Even so, children should always be monitored when they're online.

Free Printable Brainteasers for Autumn

With fall just a couple of weeks away, why not find fun ways to celebrate the cool, crisp air and fall leaves? Since the weather may be too chilly for being outdoors, we have a fall word code breaker puzzle that will keep you busy as you snuggle under the blankets or warm up by the fire. This code cracker activity features three picture clues and a grid that contains numbers that corresponds to letters. Your job is to crack the code by figuring out which letters go with which numbers. If it sounds challenging, it is! However, with a bit of determination and cleverness, you'll be able to figure out these fall-related words. Since this puzzle is a bit of a challenge, it can take a few minutes to an hour or more depending on your code breaking experience. We recommend you try to figure it out yourself first, but if you need some help, there's an answer key at the bottom so that you're not completely stumped. Once you've figured it out, pass along a code breaker puzzle to your friends and watch them try to figure it out!

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