New Perpetual Calendars

A lot of calendars are like flowers--they're pretty and colorful, but they become obsolete too quickly and need to be thrown out. That why a good perpetual calendar can keep you up-to-date no matter the year. Just keep using the same template and update it accordingly. now has 50 new calendars that can be customized for whatever week or month you need, making them perfect for planners, diaries, and school work!

The new monthly planners have three designs: a standard template with the month and days of the week--you fill in the dates. There's also a bright, pretty version where each month is a different color, and a design that has a 4x6 blank space specifically designed to allow you to add your own pictures! Make it a seasonal photograph or pictures of family and friends to make your planning more fun.

The perpetual calendars don't stop with monthly templates, though. There are also weekly calendars with a lot of variety. There's vertical and horizontal alignment, Sunday or Monday start, and colorful or black-and-white headers. And all of them are 100% easy, 100% fun!