A Slice of Cake

Greet your friend on her birthday with these colorful free printable cards! Featuring a pink and white cake on a darker pink and yellow background, this feminine cake is perfect for those who love the brighter side of a birthday. The green and purple candle also stands out all the more for the brighter, softer colors in the background. These printable birthday cards are fun and girly at the same time, making it ideal for little girls or for your feminine friends for their birthdays. Don't forget to include a personal message of your own on the inside to make this card something truly special.

Have Your Cake! (And Eat it too?)

Lets hope that the slice of cake on the front of this gorgeous free printable is only the promise of bigger and better things to come! The bold, vivid colors and clean modern lines on the images of the card speak to today's girl or woman. The text boisterously announces that it's the time to celebrate another birthday! Get out the cake and let's party! Light the candles! What kind of cake are you and your birthday girl dreaming of? The important thing is that it's delicious and that her friends gather around her to help blow out the candles!

First the Cake, and then...

The best kinds of birthday celebrations involve an exciting mixture of different fun elements. They usually start with fun cards arriving a few days in advance of the big day, in order to build up excitement. This intensely colored and flamboyant birthday card features the cake. The cake is one of the very important parts, and candles, and of course presents, and hopefully many many birthday cards. With our free printables, you can send your beloved birthday girl (or boy) a different birthday card everyday for the whole birthday month! Start with this cake one, and send ones representing different presents or celebration ideas.