Adorable Giraffe Birthday Card

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Happy Birthday from a Giraffe!

Lions and tigers and bears and...giraffes! Oh my! Zoo animals always enchant and bedazzle everyone, from toddlers to seniors. And what's the most fun, and the funniest animal in all the zoo? The giraffe of course! This amazing free printable birthday card celebrates the animal we all love to love. Although, with it's slightly cartoonist feel, and it's silly little party hat, this adorable giraffe birthday card is aimed mainly at the younger set, there are plenty of adults that remember what the magic of a zoo is like. Plenty of animal loving, giraffe loving, birthday adults. Make them happy with this free card!

Print the Giraffe Card for fun.

This funny birthday printable features one of them most exotic animals that exist, the giraffe. We are all, every one of us, down to the most cynical, still fascinated by the long neck and the giant purple tongue and the silence that the giraffe keeps. We are mesmerized by it's unbelievable, ungainly grace. How can something so strange move so elegantly? How can there be only one animal on the planet with that special long neck? We don't understand. And we laugh and laugh because somehow, they are just funny! And we enjoy them and anyone would enjoy getting a unique birthday card with one!