Adorable Teddy Bear Birthday Card

Greet kids on their birthday using this adorable teddy bear themed card. These printable birthday cards are great for little boys in particular since it has a blue motif, but it can also be a great fit for little girls. Although this card can be used for any birthday, it almost seems to fit the first birthday or even the birth of the baby best because of how soft it looks. And don't forget to include a message of love and good wishes on the inside! These free printable cards are a great way to let a special child in your life know how wonderful they are. Print it off today.

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What an Adorable Bear!

That is the first thing that your recipient is going to say when he or she sees this perfectly adorable little teddy bear baby card. Then she or he will exclaim about how thoughtful you are to have created a custom card just for their little baby. You need never tell that this exquisite card was also free! Simply go to our customization card and make this card unique. Using our "add text" feature, you can add the name of the recipient under the words, "Happy Birthday." This will certainly make this a one of a kind birthday (or birth) greeting!

Bears for Birthdays!

Nothing says love and warmth and well-being like a teddy bear. We always think of our sweet little infant sleeping peacefully with his (or her) fluffy friend tucked possessively under that chubby little arm. This warm and cuddly birthday card brings all those heart warming feelings of being safe and protected back to whoever looks at it. When you give this card to a little child, or to the parents of a little child or new born baby, they will know that you wish them comfort and security  the best and most amazing things for them now and in the future.