Baby Girl Bear 1st Birthday Card

It's baby girl's first birthday and it's important to mark it in style! This Baby Girl 1st Birthday card features all pink colors with a teddy bear holding a heart shaped balloon. Beneath that is a whole row of baby teddy bears, all waiting to say Happy Birthday. Don't forget to include a message of good wishes and affection and of course, a great present to go with it. These free printable cards are just what you've been looking for as a way to mark a major milestone in the life of a little girl close to you. Print it out and enjoy! These moments will never happen again.

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Baby Girl's First Birthday!

Our sweet little girl bear is ready and waiting to greet a precious little girl on her very first birthday! Look at that blissful little beary face! Little Girl Bear is sure to charm the heart of anyone who sees her! And best of all, this wonderful, joyful card is yours free for the printing. They say all the best things in life are free, and that certainly applies to this printable birthday card. You need look no further. Here you have a simply sensational card to print out, add your own memorable message to, and send to that little girl you are watching grow up.

Baby Bear Printable Card

The first birthday is a very important one, so celebrate it in style with these printable birthday cards. These are the birthday cards that get lovingly taped into the baby book, and looked back on years later. Make sure that yours stands out from the crowd. What better way to show how much you love that little girl than by making the card yourself, at home. Take our printed version here to start with, an add your own customizations, either here on the site, or at home after printing. The inside of the card is an open canvas, ready for your message.