Birthday Boy

Greet that special birthday boy using these quarter paged free printable cards. Featuring some of the favored animals for little boys everywhere, these printable birthday cards are sure to please with their adorable renditions of an elephant, a bear (with a balloon) and a giraffe. There is also plenty of room to add in more animals to the party or more birthday themed designs. Print this and add a special message and wishes inside. A quarter fold card is easy to slip in with any present or as a gift bag tag. If you're looking for a great card, particularly for younger boys, then this could the birthday card you've been looking for so print it off today.

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Cute Baby Boy Birthday Card

Hello Birthday Boy! Here is the cutest quarter-folded free printable card. It is easy to use as a customized birthday card or as a gift tag for packages and bags. The baby animals are all lined up to wish that baby boy the best of birthdays ever. An elegant giraffe, a darling elephant have joined the chubby bear holding a balloon for the special day. Add a custom personal message inside and you are set to send this exceptionally cute card to someone special on your birthday calendar. It really is that easy to send a personalized card selected just for them.

Here Come the Baby Animals

The baby animals have arrived just in time for the party to wish that sweetest little boy a happy birthday. The teddy bear has met a little yellow and brown giraffe along with a tubby little gray elephant. They cannot wait to give the birthday boy his blue balloon. Birthday Boy card is one of many cute baby cards from these free printable birthday cards. This one is small enough to be a gift enclosure card. It is small but not small on big wishes for the honored day. These free printable birthday cards are easy to print at home with your personalized message printed within.