Birthday Card with Curve Border

Send out a distinctive birthday greeting this year by using these free printable birthday cards. This particular card, simple and stylish and yet cute and fun at the same time, has an extra unique feature. The border is printed out to look like a postage stamp taken from a sheet of stamps. If you take the extra little bit of time and tenderness to cut carefully along the outer edge of the blue curves you will even more strongly reinforce the suggested "postage stamp" form. Every person alive loves the thought that someone took a little extra time and made the slight extra effort to say "Happy Birthday."

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A birthday card that looks like its own stamp! What fun that is! Printables, like all the free cards and designs on this site, give you the opportunity to break away from the usual boring drugstore card. Another ambitious use for this design would be as a "stamp" on gifts and hand delivered cards. Using our customization page, flip the card sideways so that you can print them two to a page. You can either repeat the front of the card four times, or use the back side border as a frame to insert your own image or any of our provided clipart.

Curves and Waves - The Ocean?

Another way to interpret the theme of these fabulous blue cards is as having a deep blue ocean inspired theme. Or as reminding one of the wide, blue, open sky. This is a very adaptably designed free printable birthday card. Unpretentious, unassuming lines leave you and your recipient open to use your imagination, or to just appreciate the simple things in life. Many people don't like overly decorated or flashy cards. This free card is perfect for the sincere and quiet adult or child that you know; the one that you catch occasionally staring off into the clouds, dreaming and thinking.