Birthday Girl with Cake

Make a little girl's birthday feel extra special with one of these cute free printable cards. These quarter fold printable birthday cards feature a very happy little girl presiding over her scrumptious little cake. The image almost has an anime feel to it, making it perfect for little girls (or teens) who love that style of art. It can also be a great card for teens and adults who just like really cute things. This card is small enough to tuck into any present or package or it could be used to hold gift cards or cash. Don't forget to add your own messages and graphics!

Blow out the Candles Birthday Girl!

Close your eyes, make a wish, and blow out the candles! These are the instructions we give the birthday girl or boy right before we sing the birthday song, then cut and eat the cake. Our free printable Birthday girl card has captured that exact moment in time. There she is, standing excitedly over her cake, eyes closed, mind racing, trying to decide on what would be the perfect thing to wish for. A pony? Or the new Barbie? Or maybe a trip to see the world. The possibilities are endless on your birthday. That should be the one day that you believe anything is possible. This free, sweet little card will add to a little girl's happiness.

Birthday Cake! Let's eat!

Oh boy! That's my favorite cake! I can just hear the exuberant little birthday girl on the front of this exquisite little card, which is free to print, and fully customizable. (How about adding the little birthday girl's name to the white space at the bottom, below the cake?) Along with any art or text you might like to add to the front, please feel free to embellish the inside or even the back panel. These quarter fold cards are the easiest to personalize since all the printing goes on the same side of the sheet of paper. Have fun! Be creative!