Black And White Birthday Party

Little kids will have fun in sending their birthday wishes through this black and white birthday party themed card. These printable birthday cards are so full of things to look at and things to color that they will keep children busy for a long time simply taking it all in! From the large birthday cake to the presents, party hats and of course the whole family celebrating together, these free printable cards exemplify everything a birthday should be! Print this and let the kids add colors and designs to it. And don't forget to include the message on the inside, perhaps with even more color! Turn a fairly simple card into a work of art with a bit of work and surprise someone you love on their special day.

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Comics Birthday Greeting

Black And White Birthday Party has a newspaper comic strip look. The party goers are done in a black and white print. Each has an exaggerated smile resembling laughter and fun. They all look as if they are in on the joke within the card being read by the honored guest. The whole family has arrived to celebrate. Party hats all around for everyone. Children of all ages will get a kick out of coloring in the images if they'd like but, you will love that these are free printable birthday cards with an amazing simple way to custom print the greetings inside the card.

Laughter Abounds in Birthday Wishes

Laughs out loud and giggles all around are a requirement for the Black And White Birthday Party. It is a free printable birthday card that offers a free customizing feature. Follow the simple instructions and you are on your way to sharing a custom printed and personal birthday card chosen for someone's special day of celebration for another year gone by and more to come.  The card comes black and white similar to a newspaper daily comic strip ready to color if want to. Surprise someone on your birthday card list today with one of these free printable birthday cards.