Cupcake Birthday Card

Send some fun birthday greetings using this cupcake themed birthday card. These printable birthday cards feature a row of delectable cupcakes on the bottom of the card and pink writing on the front. It also has a soft pink border and background. These free printable cards are very much geared towards girls and females, but there are probably many guys who would drool over these cupcakes (particularly if there some real ones in the offering!) Print this card now and don't forget to include a great message on the inside. And don't forget the real cupcakes; those pictures alone are just a terrible tease for people!

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A Sweetly Delicious Birthday Card

A collection of birthday cupcakes on the front make this free printable birthday card scrumptiously irresistible. It's every bit as sweet as the happy birthday child who receives it. With pink frosting and colorful sprinkles and whipped cream and candles these bakery goods make this printed cupcake card look almost good enough to eat. The flowing casual pink lettering above the pastries declares, "Wishing You a Happy Birthday," and is a perfect message from someone who is sending affectionate thoughts from far away. So if you can't be with your sweetness on her birthday, send this collection of bakery sweets on a custom printable.

Send a Cupcake Birthday Card to your Cupcake.

Is the one you love having to celebrate his or her birthday while he or she is away? Or perhaps you are the one who wont make it home for the celebration. Do you wish you could go there with a giant box full of warm and wonderful sweets for your sweetie? This free printable birthday card may not have real cupcakes, or be you, but it will take your warmest wishes where ever you send it. Just print out this full size card and add that special little note on the inside, which has plenty of room for your own sweet greeting!