Cute Teddy Bear Birthday Card

Make sure to send birthday wishes to special friends with these printable birthday cards. This cozy card features both a teddy bear wishing your friends and family a Happy Birthday, and also a string of animals on a shelf. This toy themed birthday card will be incredibly popular with kids because of the teddy bear and stuffed toys, but it could also be a hit with adults as well. If you have a child, friend or family who loves plush toys, these free printable cards are probably going to be quite popular. Print it off, add your own greetings and pass along the love!

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Happy Birthday from the Teddy Bear!

Look at that roly-poly fellow in the precious red overalls on the front of this extra special, free printable birthday card! Don't you just want to pick him up and love him and squish him and take him home? Teddy bears make us feel warm and safe all over. This special birthday card will make the recipient feel that warmth all over when he or she pulls it out of the envelope and sees that cute bear, and his line of toy friends behind him. "Happy Birthday," says his big sign, sending out love to the birthday boy or girl. 

Free Printable Teddy Bear Birthday Card!

Even adults will fall in love with this cute little Teddy bear on the front of his distinctive, free printable birthday card. We were all children once, and birthdays remind us of those innocent times when our own Teddy bear was all we needed to keep us safe at night in the dark. The front of the card, along with the Teddy and a row of toy animals in the background has a large plaque like frame with the words, "Happy Birthday," in a fancy, cursive type script that lends an air of elegance to the card, that would be best appreciated by the young at heart.