EMC Card

Greet your genius friends with a birthday card that has a cake with an E=MC2 design. These free printable birthday cards feature a fairly simple cake design, so don't be afraid to add your own personal touches to the card. Maybe you could add a few important equations around the birthday greetings on the inside or scientific themed clip art? Print this and wish your friend a happy and fun birthday. This quarter fold card is perfect for smaller gifts or to hold a small but meaningful present. So go ahead, print this card out and test the theory that your friend will love it!

Revolutionary Ways to Greet Someone's Birthday

Einstein's relativity equation revolutionized the scientific world. These free printable birthday cards will forever change the way you acknowledge someone's birthdays. This EMC Card is a fun and genius way to let someone know you like their style. All it takes are just a few simple steps, or mass converted to energy, to exponentially wish someone a happiest of birthdays.  The front features a traditional cake with the most familiar equation in the world printed on its top. Inside the sentiment is tongue-in-cheek humor. It does not take a genius to understand how fun it is too wish a happy birthday with our top quality designed cards that include a free customizing feature.

Expend a Little Energy for Big Birthday Wishes

Free Printable Birthday cards are a genius idea for acknowledging a special birthday. The energy expounded from using the EMC Card to exponentially greet the birthday honoree is astounding. These free printable birthday cards are easy to print at home with your personalized message printed within. The card can stand alone perfectly but, you can up the wow factor when you send a personalized card selected just for them. You will not miss a chance to share a birthday wish when you keep some of these at hand.  You are only a few mouse clicks away from sending some out today.