Have a Happy Halloween Birthday

Greet someone with a Happy Halloween Birthday using this fun birthday card. Halloween kiddies get the best of both worlds: trick or treating and a birthday cake, so combine the two with ease in this these fun printable birthday cards. These free printable cards feature cute trick or treaters in costumes which kids will love. It also has several jack 'o' lantern cakes which are really fun to look at (and maybe even bake!) and the birthday greeting is also very Halloweeny. This is the ideal card for those kids born on or around this time of year. Have a scary happy birthday; print this card today!

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Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!

Some lucky kids get to have an extra special birthday. Being born on the spookiest day of the year can have lots of cool perks! Getting really amazing and unique birthday cards, for instance can be one of them. It's hard to find just the right card for someone with a Halloween birthday, so it's wonderful that you've found our site, and our free printable birthday card selection, and this wonderful, unusual birthday greeting! Your birthday boy or girl (or man or woman -- celebrating Halloween is ageless) will feel particularly special getting this one of a kind card.

Customizable Halloween Birthday Card

Don't forget that along with the already unique Halloweeny Birthday design on the front and back of this printable card, you can also add your own one of a kind customizations! Add your own message, images, clipart or other decorations on the inside, or back, or even the front of this fully customizable free card! Using our "add text" feature, you can add the name of the recipient under the words, "Happy Birthday." Use our Customize button to go to our special customization engine, or use your own colored markers, pens, crayons and glitter after you have printed the card out.