Kids Butterflies Birthday Card

All little girls (and little boys too) dream of flying free. This one of a kind, free, printable, Butterflies Happy Birthday card pays homage to that secret inner wish. (You remember that dream, don't you!) Flitting about and dancing above the words "Happy Birthday" written in a fancy flying script are two little butterfly children bringing the birthday wishes. Use this happy card to send "butterfly kisses" to the little girl you love, especially if you can't be there in person. The recipient of this card will love the card and be inspired to fly high in her life and dreams.

Kids as Butterflies Wishing Happy Birthday

What a fanciful and original card this is! Though it is done in what have become these days the customary colors for a little girl's birthday, pink and purple, this free printable is anything but ordinary or dull. And since one of those sweet little butterfly children is a boy, you could send this to that handsome and sweet little boy you know, too. This fun and fanciful card just wants to help any child free his or her inner dreams. It's dreams that make us who we are, especially those dreams we have early in life, that help us to grow to become creative adults.

Birthday Butterflies!

Send a fun birthday greeting to a little girl who is celebrating her birthday. These printable birthday cards feature two butterfly children flitting around the front of the card. It's shaded in purples and pinks and has what looks to either be stars or flowers on strings. It's a fairly simple sort of card, but it could be ideal for many children, so it's worth taking a closer look at. Don't forget to add your own messages of greetings and good will on the inside and maybe a few more butterflies! These free printable cards are great for little girls who love butterflies and love the color purple. Print this card today and have some fun with it!