Kids Happy Birthday Greeting

These printable birthday cards bring together everyone's friends on one card, ready to celebrate the day. These colorful free printable cards feature a wide range of kids happily anticipating their birthday part, complete with balloons and sunshine. Even the text on the card is thoroughly patterned and if you look closely, you'll see that they are all patterned after animals! There is so much to look at with this card that it alone may provide a distraction even from presents for many children. Birthdays are fun and kids will surely have more fun if you will greet them with a special gift and a special card such as this, so print now! Don't forget to include a message of love and good wishes on the inside!

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Six Children to say Happy Birthday

Six delightful little juvenile-style drawings of children excited to wish someone a happy birthday. Each one almost looks as if they were mimicking all the letters of the word happy. We are happy you have found the best free printables site for all your card needs. Kids Happy Birthday Greeting is a cute card for children. The faces are excited. The lettering across the top resembles quilted fabric in an array of colors and shapes. Even the sun is getting in on the action with a smiling face.  And, to top off all this, our easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice.

What Begins with H and ends in Y? Happy

Give me an H, an A, a P, another P, and a Y-what do you have? Six youngsters wishing someone special a great big happy birthday cheer! The darling smiling faces on these free printable birthday cards Kids Happy Birthday Greeting as ready for your selection and customizing right now and free to use. The single fold card has plenty of space inside for adding more birthday party inspired images. Select the card, follow the easy instructions to include your personal penned greeting and wishes, and print your card at home. Select the card and start personalizing it right away.