Kids in Party Hats

Send a special kid a cute birthday card. These printable birthday cards feature plenty of children with all different hair, hats and both genders around a delicious looking birthday cake. These free printable cards not only make a great card to go with presents, but can also be used to create invitations to birthday parties. You can print off as many copies of this card as you need, so feel free to use it however you want. Don't forget to include a personal message on the inside or the information needed to reach the party! Print this card off now and make the most of it! It's a truly multi-functional card for all of its simplicity.

Happy Birthday Kids! Have a Party Hat!

We all put on our silly hats for birthday parties, and this great printable card has kids in party hats all over it. Just imagine this fun party! All those precious little kids faces under their vividly colored fun hats! It looks like they've just gathered around the cake to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl or Boy. (And that's another great thing about this card, it's good for a boy or a girl either!) Purple is an especially popular color right now, and appropriate for either boys or girls. You can't go wrong with this great party card!

Put on your Party Hats!

As mentioned above, not only would this "kids in party hats" free printable make a great birthday card, it also easily could be used as an invitation to a party. The inside of this card is completely empty and waiting for you to put whatever you want inside. You can write a heartfelt happy birthday, or you can include the information for a party. You can either use your own markers and colored pencils (or ink stamps if that's your hobby) for the inside, or you can set up the inside on the computer and run this full size card through your printer.