Little Girl with Chocolate Cake

Birthday greetings are fun especially if it comes with a fun birthday card. These printable birthday cards feature a little girl presenting a luscious looking chocolate cake to the one opening the card. These free printable cards are very bright and cheerful, from the icing like lettering to the bright blue candles. Even the little girl is in cheerful red and yellows, bringing out feelings of excitement in everyone who looks upon it. Little girls can use this card in greeting their friends or relatives, so encourage her to add her own designs and colors to make the card personal. If you can think of a little girl who would love to get this card on her special day, then this is the card for you!

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Who Wants Birthday Cake?

Who would like some cake? Little Girl with Chocolate Cake has a cake for the birthday girl or boy. She is the cutest hostess with her red dress and her hair in ringlets. The cake is rick chocolate covered with yummy icing. As always the candles have been placed on the birthday cake waiting on that important special secret wish. Select any of these free printable birthday cards and start personalizing it right away. Each card can be set up easily to include images chosen from our large selection of clip art and you may add your own personal words too.

Chocolate Birthday Wishes

The cake is ready for a birthday celebration. A happy young girl is proud to present someone with a large chocolate cake with dreamy creamy icing and topped with 5 royal blue candles. Dressed in a little red dress with a green flower applique, she is wanting to get the party started. Who wants cake? These free and printable birthday cards including, Little Girl with Chocolate Cake, are easy to print at home with your personalized message printed within. You will not miss a chance to share a birthday wish when you keep some of these at hand. It only takes a few simple steps.