Little Princess in Pink Birthday Card

What a way to send a happy birthday greeting! This quarter fold card is a great way to send your best to a little princess in your friends and family. These cute, printable birthday cards feature a little girl in a princess costume, complete with a crown and wand. She seems to almost be conjuring up the Happy Birthday greeting on the front of the card! The inside gives you plenty of space to add your own clipart, graphics and of course a great message for the little birthday princess. If you're looking for a cute card, these free printable cards are the ones for you. Print it today and have fun with it!

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Happy Birthday, Little Princess in Pink!

That special little girl's birthday demands an exceptionally special card. And you know your little girl is the most special of all, she's a princess after all! This free printable features a priceless little pink fairy princess, drawn in a childlike and endearing way and is the perfect way to honor your own little girl, the very queen of your heart, and the fairy who has brought all the magic of love and a child's sense of wonder into your life. Add a poem about fairy magic to the inside of this free printable and you are ready to go.

Perfect Pink Princess Printable.

Our great collection of free printables offer some of the most enchanting ways in the world to wish someone a "Happy Birthday." This quarter fold Princess card is one of the most fun of all. The princess fairy on the front is like a child's drawing, simple and appealing to your sense of whimsy. This little pink fairy princess card is sure to delight the princess who receives it. The wonderful quarter folding design allows for very easy customization, too. Since the page is folded twice, the inside message is printed on the same side of the paper as the outside.